How to earn online (Data Entry)

Guide for online earning 

“Online Earning”
If you don’t like regular jobs like office work and other jobs and want to earn from home 
(Like me J) then you’re at right place
“Yes it’s right place”……
So here is the list of some selective and good methods of 
Data Entry, let’s earn,

      Data Entry Jobs
    So first of all see, what is data entry?
      We all want a simple and great job for part or full time  
      with a reasonable package,
      Data Entry is the job you’re looking for because data-
      entry doesn’t require big skill or experience but….      
      Passions and Hard work,
      “Data Entry job requires only your typing skills”

Types of Data Entry jobs

Captcha Entry Jobs

Copy & Paste Jobs

Micro Jobs
 Online survey
Form filling
Image to text
Medical Transcription
Content Writing etc.
Here are the my best suggestions for you,

Online Data Entry Jobs from home,

 So let’s start with best and simple sites you can earn 1$ per hour  here,

      1.   2captcha

      2.   Mega Typers (without these referral codes (E39V and


            you have not able to register your account on this site if you
            want to sign-up with email like gmail etc. then put this
            referral code E39B)
            or if you want to sign-up with twitter or facebook enter
            referral E3A0 remember).

These two websites are best for start so,keep up the hard work and
also pray for me.Sign up and enjoy if you like and share this
blog with family and friends and other needy persons
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   then write in comment.


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