Free Lancing

How to earn from Internet

If you’re a programmer, developer, typist, or you have good writing skills like Essay writing or press release writing or if you've English speaking or writing skills you can earn from Internet via free-lancing.
If European’s or American companies hire a worker locally, they will pay those peoples more than salary like allowances (food, health) etc.
So that companies want to hire free lancers from poor countries because peoples from here done their job with less payment and more efficiently.
Even biggest companies of the world like IBM, Dell and Intel have also customer care centers in these countries.
If you’re want to join you’ve need only good English skills and a working internet connection a laptop, not a call center J.
It is called “Out sourcing”.
Out-sourcing is now a biggest industry in the world because freelancers can earn more than local market and companies got time saving and other benefits.
If you want to start here are some good known sites for you,


Before continue….
 1st of all make sure you can do that job you’re adding a bid for and your bid rate also can give you project.
2nd read carefully about that job and feel free to talk with your client and try to satisfy your client.
3rd you've same working payment method like your client.
4th if your work was impressive, you've a chance to get good ratings from your client for your profile, ratings can help for finding more clients.
5th make profile better and better… one day, clients will search for you, not you…!


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